The Detroit Voter Initiative's Language

To the Detroit City Clerk:

We, the undersigned and qualified and registered electors, residents in the city of Detroit, in the County of Wayne and the state of Michigan, respectively initiate that Chapter 15 of the Detroit Municipal Code be supplemented to include the following Ordinance that: “At every Precinct and Absent Voter Counting Board wherein a voting machine tabulator tape is printed for any reason, it shall be required that the Official in charge of that Precinct or Absent Voter Counting Board shall immediately;

1) Print a second identical tape from the same vote machine and immediately post, by hanging, that 2nd tape vertically in a conspicuous place and in full view of the general public. The tape shall remain throughout the election day and shall be initialed by the Official who printed the tape. The Official shall manually write across its top, the serial number of the memory card of the machine from which the tape was run. Further, After the polls have closed for the day, said official shall also;

2) manually write across the bottom of the tabulator tape, the “security seal” number affixed to the case and which contains that Precinct’s or Absent Voter Counting Board’s unused election ballots and other materials which might be used in a recount. This tape too shall be hung immediately and adjacent to previous tapes and must be initialed by the Official who printed the tape.

Complaints for violating this Ordinance shall be addressed to the city’s Inspector General for a violation determination, who shall within 72 hours of a complaint’s receipt, immediately post the complaint in a conspicuous location for public inspection and who shall, within 10 days, make a formal determination as to whether this ordinance was violated and report that violation to the Detroit Election Commission.

Violations shall constitute “cause” for the offending Official to be barred from working for the Department of Elections for 4 years thereafter and shall be punishable by a fine of not less than $500 and not more than $5,000 for each occurrence.

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City of Detroit Law Department Opinion approving the Citizens For Detroit's Future Initiative to provide for the immediate Posting of all Election results. Initiative provides that citizen complaints for violations to be investigated by the Detroit Inspector General.

Citizens for Detroit's Future believes that its elected officials must be held accountable for its actions or its failure to act when the issues vital to those neighborhoods and the people who live within them are at stake.



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